Clothes that harm your health

Clothes that harm your health

Although it sounds amazing, comfortable and practical outfits we prefer to wear in your spare time like leggings or your favorite pajamas can negatively affect our health

The complete absence of natural materials and trends that favor tight clothing, often with elastic fibers and, among other things, the inability to put it on the washing program in the washing machine, has resulted in the adverse effect of some clothing pieces on our health. And these are usually the pieces we prefer to wear that fill most of our shoe cabinets and shelves. In our spare time, we like to wear leggings and flip-flops, and pajamas before bed. Find out why this choice has its dark side as well, and why you should be more cautious when shopping next and not just follow the trends.

(Too) tight jeans

Thin denim pants sometimes make the appearance of tights. It is because of these properties – the ‘thinness’ of the material and the tight cut that is attached to the body (especially if it has elastic fibers) that jeans can be very harmful. The trousers are so tightly glued to the legs and inserted into the groin that they interfere with the circulation, which can lead to muscle damage, swelling and feeling numb. The fabric also rubs the skin so much that it is more susceptible to infection. Make sure your jeans are no smaller and have as little elastin as you can and wash them regularly.


Sleeping suits should be changed regularly, especially if you sleep without underwear, which is a habit of many people. Namely, this is how pajamas are, along with the bacteria they carry in direct contact with the intimate area, so the possibility of inflammation of the ovary or bladder is more common than if you wear underwear. So either wear underwear or change your pajamas daily.


Not only your favorite women’s clothing item for leisure, but also for work and going out can be dangerous. As leggings are always attached to the body, they rub the skin harder and absorb the sweat and grease that exits on its surface. Leggings thus become probably the dirtiest piece of clothing you have. When you wear leggings day in and day out without washing them, you run the risk of a fungal infection.

Colorful underwear

Dyed textiles can irritate the skin around the genitals very much, especially if your body part is more sensitive and prone to skin diseases and inflammation. In addition, colorful and lace-free laundry is not washed on the ‘boil’ program, so all bacteria cannot be removed. The solution is comfortable cotton underwear that you can wash at 90 degrees.

Flip flops

The summer shoes we often wear during the year as slippers in our home are also not as ideal as we think. First of all we wear it without socks, so it is more exposed to dirt and dirt, and also sweat (which is more abundant in summer) stays on the skin because it has nothing to absorb, so bacteria develop. That’s why you should strictly separate the flip flops you wear outside from the ones you use in the house. In addition, you should not wear flip flops in public toilets, showers and swimming pools. Frequent wearing can also cause damage to your fingers.


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