How to avoid a cold after a plane ride?

How to avoid a cold after a plane ride?

Not infrequently, people take a cold trip by plane. The air in the plane is quite dry because of the pressure. It drains your mucous membranes and temporarily weakens your immunity. But still, you can avoid colds with small and simple tricks.

We bring you some of them:

A few days before the trip, include a vitamin mix in your diet. Vitamin C is the best vitamin to boost immunity, and Vitamin A is involved in the production of antibodies. If you are already eating healthy or eating five servings of fruits and vegetables of different colors each day, you do not need vitamin supplements.

If you are not one of those who eat healthy, it is time to start. Eat yoghurts with probiotics every day because they protect your immune system. There are also many probiotics in sauerkraut.

Refined sugar because it reduces the action of leukocytes, the white blood cells that fight infection. Also avoid alcohol!

Because of the air conditioners on the plane it is often quite cold. Dress in layers if at some point it gets too hot to be undressed or too cold to be dressed. Also keep in mind where you are going and where you are going.

Due to global warming and the fact that winters are getting milder, as well as less public transport and more cars, living in overheated apartments and wearing short sleeves in winter when we are at home, and a tendency to spend more time indoors and less walking around, we became obsessed with the cold. And in the sense that it is always cold and hard to get used to when the colder autumn days come, and not to talk about winter.

And with such an unnatural attitude to the colder weather and the desire to keep us very warm, we only harm our health. So says doctor Ashley Grossman, a longtime professor at the renowned Oxford. In his interview with the British Telegraph, this well-known endocrinologist stated that indoor and overheated spaces, not only in our homes, but also in workplaces, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers, slow down the natural process of burning calories. This leads to weight gain, but also the onset of diabetes.

Cold speeds up metabolism

He substantiated his claim with two studies. One of them was the discovery that rising temperatures by just one degree each year lead to 100,000 new cases of diabetes in the United States. The body burns less fat the warmer it is, which leads to insulin sensitivity, that is, type 2 diabetes and weight gain. That is why it is good to stay in the cold, not to heat the room excessively and not to put on too many layers of clothing unnecessarily.

Another study conducted at Maastricht Medical Center found that a couple of degrees lower indoor temperature (such as 15 to 17 degrees instead of 20 and above) can reduce weight because it speeds up the calorie burning process and because the cold speeds up metabolism by up to five times . For example, they found that shivers burn 400 calories an hour due to cold. Therefore, it is good to keep the bedroom window at least slightly open during the night, especially when winter is over.


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