Ride your bike and boost your body

Ride your bike and boost your body

Cycling is many times beneficial for our body. It maintains good fitness and health, prevents many diseases and does not pollute the environment.

Regular morning cycling consumes calories, eliminates fat and strengthens muscles. In addition, being in the countryside, having fresh air and feeling relieved are relaxing.

Losing calories

The health impact of cycling is also important – regular cycling can significantly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, increase endurance, improve digestion and reduce stress …

Cycling is one of the most effective ways to exercise. Running lightly burns calories and is one of the best activities for removing excess fat. A woman who weighs about 60 pounds, if she drives 20-25 miles an hour, burns up to 480 calories in 60 minutes. If it drives 25-30 miles per hour, it loses up to 600 calories, 30-35 km / h to 700 calories and more than 35 km / h to 950 calories.

With the bike, it is possible to do an exercise on the way to work. If you are ten kilometers away from work, you should go to work by bicycle. If you are within that distance and you decide to cycle to work only twice a week, you will burn 3,000 calories – which is more than half a kilo per month.

Body position

During cycling, large muscle groups are active: the lower leg muscles, the front and back legs, and the back muscles. In addition to the leg muscles, there are also active ones that allow the cyclist to maintain proper posture – the abdomen and lower back muscles. We also use the muscles in the arms and shoulders.

In addition, cycling stimulates your brain to release energy-related neurotransmitter dopamine. You do not have to force yourself, it is enough to drive at a moderate or slow pace two to three times a week to resist fatigue.

How and how much to drive

Experts suggest that the ride initially takes 20 to 25 minutes twice a week. As soon as you complete this task, increase the frequency to three to four times a week to increase endurance. The next task is to increase the distance, that is, the duration of the run, but with the same heart rate. In this way, fitness will increase over a period of time.

To control your heart rate and training, it is ideal to use a heart monitor that shows us at any time your heart rate and thus helps determine the basic training settings.

Lower pressure

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death for women in the world, with the two biggest risks being high pressure and high cholesterol. One study included 32 women cycling at a moderate to high pace three times a week for at least half an hour. After half a year, their blood pressure dropped significantly, as did cholesterol, and they gained good fitness.

Wrist guard

As we ride the bike, the body is in a sitting position, so unlike running, there is no stress on the joints of the legs, knees and spine, and also reduces the risk of injury caused by overstretching. But you need to be careful how you fit the bike. Your knee should be slightly bent when the pedal is down.

Anti stress therapy

Bicycle lovers will say that this activity is a kind of antistress therapy. Many studies have shown that just 20 minutes a day on a bicycle can affect the reduced secretion of stress-inducing hormones. Fresh air and sunshine will further enhance happiness.


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