What makes green tea your ally in weight loss?

What makes green tea your ally in weight loss?

If you like to drink tea and prefer healthy drinks, you will love this one

Although black tea is currently the most popular, lately more and more people are choosing green. One of the main reasons is probably its potential role in weight loss. Green tea contains six basic catechins, ingredients that act as antioxidants and that trigger metabolism. Black tea has only four percent of catechins, while green tea has 27 percent.

It is because of these catechins that green tea can help you lose extra pounds. It also contains caffeine that stimulates digestion. Because it contains much less caffeine than coffee, you can drink it multiple times a day without the fear of bringing too much caffeine into your body. But you don’t have to drink large quantities of green tea to lose weight. It is not good to overdo anything. It is enough to drink two to three cups of tea a day.

In addition to being your ally in weight loss, green tea is also very good for your health – it strengthens the heart and circulatory system, regulates blood sugar, increases the body’s resistance, strengthens the immune system, gives you a sense of satiety without excess calories and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

This magic potion is better to drink while still warm. You can taste its taste without any additives. Because it is bitter, you can sweeten it with honey or sugar, but then it will diminish its properties. You can also avoid bitterness if you do not overflow it with boiling water. The proper way to prepare it is to leave the water for a few minutes to keep the temperature below 100 degrees and then pour the tea, which should be in the water for two to three minutes.

Now that you know how effective it is, enjoy green tea even more!


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