Is your partner right for you? Take the short test and find out

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It is very important that you are the best with this person, that you do not draw from your dark sides, that you support each other in decisions, but also that you have your own interests that you do separately, for yourself

What do you need to know about your relationship? It is not enough to just feel happy, you also need to know how your personality affects your partner, whether you are a better person with him or her and why.

Kate Wray is a relationship expert and professional at couples bonding. She says that this simple test, or questionnaire, best shows whether your partner is a long-term partner, do you have a future with her and, more importantly, is that it?

These are the questions:

1. Are you the best version of yourself with him or her?
2. Do you trust each other? Do you believe that you will not be cheated and do not have to check where it is and what it is doing?
3. Do you think you are both lucky to have him / her? You both have to think that.
4. Can you imagine a common future and grow old together?
5. Are you best friends?
6. Do you like your partner’s friends and family members? Although we cannot choose a family, they define us, as do friends. If we don’t like them, or we don’t like them, something’s wrong.
7. Do you support each other in important decisions?
8. Do you do some things separately, ie yourself?
9. Do you have any common interests?
10. Do you agree on big and important things?

If you answered at least eight questions with “Yes”, you two have a future together and you very likely have found your ideal couple.

Some men are also ‘mom’s sons’ at the age of 50, which is one of the reasons why many love relationships fail. Are you dating a mature man or ‘mom’s son’ using these signs?

Women often complain that men are “mothers sons”, that is, they do not behave according to their age and life status. Equally, it is mostly women, or their mothers, who are accustomed to doing things for them.

Sometimes this is precisely the reason for the failure of many love relationships – from the expectation of a man that his girlfriend or woman will only fill his mother’s role, to complaints by their beautiful halves that they have no equal partner.

Such things are easy to notice at first, but only if we look closely at the little things that indicate a mature man who can be an equal life partner:

1. His apartment looks like an apartment
His apartment is not a zoo, nor is it a storehouse of unnecessary things. In the kitchen you can see the sink, that is, it did not sink in front of the pile of dishes, and you are not afraid to open the refrigerator door. Getting behind him is no stranger to him, which is extremely important in a common future.

2. It has a goal
He works or wants to work in order to live normally, and if he does a job that does not satisfy him, then he knows that he wants to find something else and is ready to try. He does not need his mother’s calls to get up or go to work, and in his life so far, he has no maximum limit of one month’s work with the same employer.

3. Doesn’t need a nanny
Whether he’s getting drunk, arguing with friends, or messing with his boss, he doesn’t need a nanny or a wife or anyone else close to him to “get” him out of the situation. If you are dating a man you have to drive out of the cafe or carry home after you go out, he constantly complains about everything, and does nothing, etc., then it may be clear to you what lies ahead.

4. It does not run away from a problem but solves it
Adult men are aware that problems are part of everyday life and that they do not disappear if ignored. If she “resolves” any quarrel and uneasy situation by running away, it is a sign that she is unable to deal with something conflicting, such as a child.

5. He is not an addict
The modern age has resulted in more and more people fleeing addiction – from addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, pornography, video games. Going out with a man who has a pronounced addiction, that is, there is something that governs his life or cannot do without something, do not count on him to save you.

6. Knows his priorities
Men who are lost in life are the embodiment of boys who are not adults. Men have direction, priorities, and work, and boys have fun and time so they don’t have to think about “difficult things” like marriage, starting a family, caring for loved ones, the necessity of working.

7. She takes care of herself
The man is aware that health is one thing and should be guarded. He will not spend days and nights filled with unhealthy habits, from poor diet, sleep, intoxication … This category also includes normal weight, basic hygiene, exercise, clean clothes.

8. It has a positive effect on you
A mature, stable man will choose a similar partner to support in life. This means that he will not use constant criticism, talk only about the negative things, and look for someone with whom he can just whine together.

9. No “lesser value” complex
A man like this will not be jealous of a partner who has a higher salary or a better job than him, but he will be glad and proud. Also, they will not measure their worth by physical account or appearance, they will not out of their insecurity be obsessively jealous or else seduce their ego by seducing other women.

10. He could survive alone
One of the most important characteristics that separates men from boys is that men are able to survive on their own. This does not mean that they should be masters of everything, but they understand the basic things – they know how to cook a few basic dishes, wash their clothes in the washing machine, change a light bulb or fuse …, reports Elite Daily.